Product/Service information
Linhart Consulting is an I.T. consulting company with over 15 years of collective experience as an I.T. solutions provider. Linhart Consulting is 100% Canadian owned and operated and has continued to provide Canadians with solutions and services for all sizes of businesses to meet their needs.

Driven to deliver excellence and working in partnership with our clients, we solve problems with innovative applications of technology. We show clients how to manage their technology assets to the maximum advantage and assist them in sourcing new technologies, (as required).

We offer a complete range of consulting services. These include designing, building and development of fully integrated end-to-end   innovative solutions, installation and support services. We can assist you in defining strategies, procurement, custom configuration, project management, security and installation. Once implemented, we then provide a range of support services to ensure long-term cost-effective performance.

What we provide
  • Network planning / installation
  • Website design
  • On-site and remote IT support
  • Multimedia installation
  • Integration of Existing Equipment
  • Network / Television / Phone Cabling

  • Hardware / software evaluation
  • Data back-up / recovery
  • Wireless / LAN setup
  • Digital radiography setup
  • Installation of Phone Systems
  • Server and Workstations installations
  • Remote access integration

How can you improve your network?

Let us meet with you and assess your network or new dental site, Linhart will meet with you and the appropriate members of your dental team to insure that we provide you with only the best and the most ideal solutions for your practice. During the consultation, we will walk you through every step of the decision making process. Remember that Linhart is here to help you, so any input, feedback, questions, or comments are always welcome during the consultation. You can also be rest assured that Linhart is flexible and can adapt to changes made along the way, as well as in the future. We have a proven track record from our clients that Linhart works! We are here for you!

Service and support
Network Support: Our staff of network support specialists will design, build, install, and maintain computer network systems customized for your business.  We take great pride in providing you   with support services on multiple platforms.  We specialize in cost effective solutions for your business. We are available weekends, evenings, and holidays for computer upgrades that cannot be done at other times. 
Site survey: We gather detailed information concerning existing and planned network infrastructure for proper assessment of project requirements.
Innovation management
We assist clients in development and implementation of breakthrough ideas for new products, and services.  We advise clients on the quality and potential of their technology, providing an objective view in relation to their marketplace and competition. Utilizing well established techniques, we work with our        clients to create the best possible product and service portfolio. Ultimately applying our skills to bring results to our clients quickly and with minimum risk.

Network design: Your network infrastructure  will be planned out to match your requirements.  Recommendations for future capacity planning will be identified.

Implementation: Installation of your hardware and software is expedited and configured to your business’ needs.
Testing: After all the necessary components are in place, the network is completely tested as per network design specifications, insuring smooth operation. Support: Training and assistance in the use of your network is provided, assuring that all benefits provided through the network are utilized efficiently.
Linhart Consulting is dedicated to assist's you and your organization focus on the primary purpose of your business, while we keep your network running smoothly.  We understand how important your computer systems are to your business, and how different they may be from any other business.  As a result our pricing is based on an individual basis rather than a “one size fits all” structure.  After all, your business is unique