Linhart Consulting provides its clients and potential clients with solutions to fit their specific business needs.

Company A - Purchased a new Dental office and needed to get a network solution now. We came in and provided a solution not only for their network, but the phone system, Audio video, remote access, and customer management software, a complete end to end solution from our company and our company commitment to ensure the job gets done, we work closely with other vendor to ensure nothing is left out of the process, we walked the client though everything and answered all their questions. In the end they have a fully function office that allowed functionality and flexibility thought out the office, without the growing pains.

Company B - An existing Dental office wanted to start using newer technology to keep up with the competing office down the street. 

We met with our client and presented them with several options from their requirements. Using distributed audio and video, incorporated with wireless access points and headsets allowing patience to watch movies from any screen in the office.