Linhart Consulting offers comprehensive computer and network support tailored to the computing needs of small office home office, small / medium size and corporate businesses.  We are committed to providing you with personal attention and solutions that match your unique needs.  A growing part of our portfolio has developed from the purchase of bulk equipment.  From this we have formal agreements with some of Canada’s highest quality manufactures and distributors, offering competitive pricing for components, peripherals, accessories and state of the art technology network electronics.

Most businesses use computers as critical   business tools and to stay competitive must take advantage of today's advanced business systems.  Our network installations have a long history of success with an excellent reputation for customer care and quality of workmanship, with a high degree of technical backup.

Who is Linhart consulting?
We are independent engineers who are objective in judgement. We are problem solvers who are trained to provide results quickly and efficiently. We are professionals with many years of experience in our field. We are     someone who can help you now!!!

When should you use Linhart Consulting?
When you require specialized skills not readily available, and you require someone who possesses a high level of training and will be up-to-date on state-of-the-art technical developments. When you require help with difficult or short term projects that need to be cost effective. When you require an impartial and objective evaluation of organizational or management plans.

Is Linhart Consulting a cost effective solution?
Most businesses are under the assumption that consulting services are costly. On the contrary, when opportunity costs plus comparable employee costs plus overhead are considered, using Linhart      Consulting will be very cost effective.

Linhart builds one of the first fully digital Dental offices
Linhart consulting was given the opportunity to build one of the first  fully digital Dental offices in Canada, with our technical networking expertise and creativity innovation we built everything from ground up, from working with the building contractors making sure that conduits where placed in strategic places before the concrete was poured. Doing this gave us the opportunity to put in a computer-less workstation in the first reception area, all you see is a monitor and keyboard and lots of leg room! All dental chairs have TV monitors with integrated Digital cameras for those close ups. All x-ray arms are wired right into the network allowing for x-ray images stored right to the server and displaying it on the monitor in front of you. With the network completed the dental supply company Patterson Dental commented that this was the best integration that they have come across.  Linhart still continues to please the Dental industry.